(We have many important things to announce in this post)
(It is suggested that you read this post through thoroughly)

Greetings everybody!
This post is going to announce the release of our brand new server! We have multiple new features to show off and we are very excited to bring this server to you. We have big faction top prizes that are evenly distributed to give every faction a chance at winning some good cash! We have revamped features from our previous attempts!

Important Dates
✔ Releasing on May 4th
✔ Grace period may 11th
✔ KOTH events will start once the server has been released

Faction Top Prizes
♛ #1. $150 USD Paypal ✘ $400 USD Buycraft
♚ #2. $30 USD Paypal ✘ $300 USD Buycraft
♜ #3. $20 USD Paypal ✘ $100 USD Buycraft
(These prizes will be given out monthly)

Important Features
✘ Brand new jar with flawless cannoning
✘ All bugs eliminated from our previous server
✘ New Anticheat
✘ Harder economy made for Head Hunting
✘ More features added onto our factions plugin
✘ (/f owners, /f status, /f upgrades)
✘ New tntfill
✘ New genbucket purchase GUI
✘ New infinite genbuckets, charging you upon placement
✘ Revamped kits and ranks (including prices)
✘ Revamped custom enchantments
✘ Revamped crates and envoys
✘ Improved rules and offenses
✘ Flat End / Flat Nether
✘ Everyone gets faction fly
✘ Crop hoppers
✘ Unique and custom spawn
✘ Sell Wands / Chunk busters
✘ Obsidian breaker with cracks
✘ Spawners can be stacked

Cannoning Information
✘ Auto cannons are not allowed above y=10
✘ Perfect cannoning with little to no issues
✘ Roof cannons Disabled for season 1

Bases & Factions Information
✘ 20 chunk buffers from main walls
✘ Bitch claiming will not be allowed
✘ Donators receive /tntfill
✘ 50 power per member
✘ Factions can only have 5 allies

First and foremost please make sure you read the entire thread.

After demolishing all the bugs and adding incredibly new features to Dawnlight, we have finally decided to push out the server information to start the hype train.

Server Information (Factions)
  • The border for overworld will be 10,000 x 10,000
  • The border for nether will be 5,000 x 5,000
  • The border for end will be 5,000 x 5,000
  • There is a total of 12 corners
  • The faction member limit will be 10
  • Each faction member receives 25 power
  • Hopper timings received a massive Debuff.
  • Hopper prices were decreased. (Including FTop Value)
  • There will still be crophoppers so don't worry
  • The custom enchants will remain the same as previous map
  • The map will end early November.
Factions Top Information
We will be doing a $1,000 F-Top prize.
Payouts are Once a Map.

♛ #1. $150 USD Paypal ✘ $400 Buycraft
♚ #2. $30 USD Paypal ✘ $300 Buycraft
♜ #3. $20 USD Paypal ✘ $100 Buycraft

More information coming Soon.

  • Server Change Log
    • Homes can now be re-used after raids, as enemies homes would be removed from your claims.
    • Some HeadHunting mobs were removed.
    • Issue with heads not dropping fully fixed.
    • Snow Golem has been added to HeadHunting.
    • Released a FactionsPatch which helps with server lag.
    • Fixed an issue where certain splash potions wouldn't give effects
    • Deployed Hermes & Apollo Pickaxes - Now available through "Crates"
    • Picking up spawners will no longer cause them to go through Blocks.
    • Fixed a duplication glitch.
    • Fixed a bug involving FTop calculating items in chests twice.
  • Buycraft Change Log
    • New Buycraft theme.
    • Updated most descriptions of packages.
    • Updated to New Logo.
    • Fixed Icons not being displayed.
    • Fixed not getting items from #Extras Tab.
  • Website Change Log
    • Added 3 New navigation tabs (Bans,Discord,Store)
    • Discord link on Navigation Tab now set to a perm invite link
    • Updated website footer logo
    • Updated Main logo
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